Who is Triggerman?

I’m not one that likes to talk about myself because I’m not that interesting.

I’m the average Joe, married with children, stuck in middle America, who just happens to be very opinionated (duh! aren’t we all?), and loves to write about morality, religion, and theology.

What you will find here:

Broad social commentary, in-depth biblical discussion, and responses to enemies of the faith as well as wolves-in-sheeps-clothing.

Take it in, think about it. Check out my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram and now Twitter.

Important posts:

A Study in Deuteronomy

Basic Christian Theology

Christianity and Logical Fallacies series

An Essay on Atheism as Religion

Rough Draft Papers

Response to philosopher Stephen Maitzen Regarding Grounds for Morality

Trinitarianism and Unitarianism Compared

The Reality and Necessity of the Incarnation

3 thoughts on “Who is Triggerman?

  1. Hello,

    My name is Doug Carpenter. I am doing my senior project this semester. I respect your writing and viewpoint. Would you be willing to take the Christian viewpoint on February 8th. I have slated on that day Amateur Exegete. I respect your writing and knowledge of the Bible.

    For my senior project, I am having 4 conversations between Agnostic/Atheist/Secularist and Christians. We will do this online on Feb 1,8,15,22 -2-3 Central. I will have the two participants phoned into my computer which will be projected to a TV. This will be televised in a local coffee shop or restaurant close to a local college. I am trying to work out a way where it can go live on a social media platform so we can take questions from an online audience. The four topics that are being discussed are: philosophy/worldview of each on current culture (1st), scripture impact on current culture (8th), impact on history that both mindsets have had and how they impact today (15th) and morality of both in current culture (22nd). It will start with a 10 minute introduction from each side. You will then field questions from me. Then open it up to the college students in the room or people online. These are to be conversations with NO YELLING. Everyone wants to be heard and they will be afforded the right to be heard. Let me know if any of the other topics and dates work for you.

    God Bless,


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