Basic Christian Theology, Redux

Some time ago, I worked through a series on basic Christian theology, those elements that Christians hold in common and often build upon.

It seems fitting that, just as an effort to let readers know where it is that I stand,  it would be a good idea to collect that series into one post so that future readers of the blog could look back and get a clear idea of what is considered to be of general importance.

So, without further ado, A Primer on Basic Christian Theology:

  1. A Primer on Basic Christian Theology, Introduction
  2. The Doctrine of God Part 2, and Part 2A
  3. The Nature of Revelation
  4. The Nature of Man, the Reality of Sin, and the Need for Atonement
  5. Reflecting the Redeemed Life
  6. The Community of Faith
  7. The Last Things

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