ICYMI: An Essay on the Extent and Affect of “Religion”

Last year (2019), I decided to put my interests in philosophy and sociology of religion to the test and test the premise of whether or not atheism was a religion.

So, using some 30+ sources, both popular-level—often written by atheists for atheists—and scholarly-level, I tackled the question, defining both philosophically and sociologically what a “religion” was, then I began probing claims made by atheists and their organizations over and against the science and the philosophy. The results were detailed in a 15,000-word essay that I released in a series of 11 parts over a period of five months.

Just to be clear, this essay was not written along the same lines as my similarly massive response to Stephen Maitzen, which can be found here, and definitely doesn’t fit into the same niche as my analysis Trinitarian and unitarian theology, which can be found here.

This essay is more popular level and seeks to give something of a street-level introduction into the world that I inhabit as well as kick over a few anthills.


A Brief History of Religion, Part 2

Somebody Do Something, Part 3

Defining the Undefinable? Part 4

The Sociological Approach, Part 5

Making the Application of Principles, Part 6

Understanding the Experience of Religion, Part 7

The Good, the Bad, and the Unbeliever, Part 8

Doing things the “Rite” Way, Part 9

A Matter of Politics, Part 10

Conclusion, Part 11

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