Trinitarianism or Unitarianism: A Paper

(This is now the landing page for this series. Links to the individual articles are at the bottom of the bibliography.)

So, call me lazy, but I want to share a paper that I wrote for a class that took several years ago to wrap up my specialized coursework in religion. Specifically a paper that goes into the heart of what is decidedly Christian theology and look at two distinct doctrines regarding the nature of God. In the paper I looked at two popular and readily available books focusing on their usage of John’s gospel.

Due to the length of the paper I’m going to be spreading it out over several posts, beginning with an introduction, the unitarian case, the trinitarian case, and finally a historical case with the conclusion. This post will be the bibliography for the paper, and will serve as a landing page for the series. I hope that its contents will be informative and enlightening and will serve to encourage further study.


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Part 2: Introduction

Part 3: Unitarian

Part 4: Trinitarian

Part 5: Jewish background

Part 6: Conclusion


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