One of the most egregious accusations leveled against Scripture, especially in the United States where there is–as N.T. Wright has called it “that peculiar American doctrine”–a belief in the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, which is something that I have discussed at some length here and here.

In this post, I thought it would be worthwhile to collect some videos by Inspiring Philosophy‘s Michael Jones on alleged errors in the Bible.

It should serve to note that many of these alleged “errors” are the often the result of poor reading on the part of the one bringing the accusation, but they’re still fun to watch and reflect on.

I should note that this is not to assert that Michael either assumes or affirms inerrancy in his presentations but rather that it demonstrates that the Scriptures are true and coherent and that many of these attacks are, in fact, based on partial information or misunderstanding how the sources intend to be understood.

The first video is on a subject that I’ve written on and got featured over at The Poached Egg: The Census of Quirinius


Another supposed “error” is the difference between the “Gadarenes” or the “Gerasenes”

The full playlist can be found here and Michael also has a rather extensive playlist of alleged biblical contradictions that deserve a watch.

Oh, also atheist Amateur Exegete, whom I’ve sparred with before, has recently posted an interesting article over on his blog debunking a fairly popular atheist meme that should be checked out.