Covid-19 Quarantine Lecture Series featuring NT Wright

So, as I’ve been enduring this quarantine, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube and have found several interesting videos that I thought that I would share.

These lectures feature former Anglican bishop of Durham and New Testament scholar N. T. Wright.

In the first lecture, from 2014, presented at the Lanier Theological Library Chapel, Wright presents a lecture on the apostle Paul as the first Christian theologian. He discusses how theology was a unique feature of Jewish religion and how the former Pharisee employed that training in teaching believers in Jesus what and how to think about God.

In this second lecture, from 2007, presented at Roanoke College, Wright deals with the historicity of the resurrection, just in time for Easter.

In this final lecture presented at Calvin College in 2012, Wright deals with common misunderstandings about the gospel, and how overemphasis of only one aspect of Jesus’ life has crippled the Christian Faith.

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