Welcome to the Revolution

Step into just about an Old Testament class or a history of religions class at the majority of universities and, most likely, one will have to try to wrap their minds around allegations of evolution with regard to the theism of the biblical authors.

These arguments, most often, stem from a simple reality that the biblical authors accepted an interact with and respond to within that concept: the concept of divine plurality.

Most often, those who make claims about alleged polytheistic beliefs in the Old Testament, will appeal to instances where divine plurality is in view or simply accepted as normal and lived with as a reality.

To that end, Inspiring Philosophy recently released a video dealing with the alleged coverup of polytheism in the Old Testament that addresses both the the allegations of polytheism in practice and editorial redactions of such.

Also, check out Michael’s recent debate with Dr. Joe Boot on the intersection of evolution and the Bible.

As a preview, I simply don’t think that Boot interacted with Michael’s arguments in a meaningful way.

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