Poking the Bear: Sexism as a Lost Virtue

If the title got your attention…good.

The reason that I have your attention is because you have been primed by the culture to believe that there’s something inherently wrong with recognizing the fact that there is such a thing as “male” and “female”, and that there are distinct differences between those two things.

The culture says that there’s no difference between men and women. The problem is that anyone who has taken a high school biology class or taken two seconds to look up from their device cannot be helped but slapped in the face by the reality that there’s such a thing as a “man” and such a thing as a “woman” and apart from certain private interactions and exchanges YOU would not be here to read this brief presentation.

All of that to say that people don’t like to have their reality challenged, much less by actual reality.

That’s why it’s good to rock the boat on occasion, and one of the chief boat-rockers is Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho.

Wilson is no stranger to controversy, known for controversial positions on a variety of topics, he essentially drops all pretense one month out of the year to speak plainly. His, now annual No Quarter November is something of a treat. And it is during that time that Doug released the hounds.

He begins his post with an observation and an interesting conclusion drawn from it,

So the Bible is a sexist book, and that fact alone should make Christians want to acknowledge that sexism has to be a virtue. And because the Bible has been assiduously ignored when it comes to these matters for lo, these many years, this should make us realize that it is also a lost virtue. Therefore it must be renewed, or restored, or recovered, or perhaps even reupholstered. (Emphasis original)

Considering that we have been told for literally decades now that sexism is wrong. So when Wilson splashes us with the cold water of reality, it’s somewhat shocking. Well, he comes with another bucketful,

The living God has given us His Word, and nowhere in that Word does it say that sexism is a sin against Him. That means it is not a sin at all. In fact, various things that our culture defines as sexist are enshrined as virtues in Scripture, and this means that Christians should stop their furtive glancing from side to side, and simply acknowledge that it is high time for us to recover the lost virtue of sexism.

Let’s be clear: Wilson isn’t advocating an abuse or neglect of the fairer sex. Rather it’s a return to the lauding of things that are inherently masculine and the things that are inherently feminine, and that the two are different but related spheres that are meant to be complimentary and not competitive.

Here’s Wilson giving a fuller presentation on his thoughts and fielding questions from an obviously hostile audience at the University of Idaho.

Also, check out Wilson’s reflection on the event.


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