Why Do People Hate Trump?

I was a #NeverTrump-er at the beginning of the 2016 Presidential campaign season, leaning more towards Ben Carson, a retired pediatric brain surgeon, or Ted Cruz, the first-term US Senator from Texas, something that I insisted on back during primary season. And I watched in dismay as this loud-mouthed and overly braggadocio real estate developer from Queens, New York, became the nominee for the Republican Party for President of the United States. I remember posting on Instagram a meme about how we wound up at this place where “Donnie from Queens” became the front-runner.

About midway through, I let out an exasperated sigh as it looked more and more like Trump was going to be the one to face off against Killary…I mean Hillary Clinton.

I even posted one pleading for mercy out of fear that Hillary was going to win the election and send us spiraling into direct, armed conflict with Russia , based upon projected electoral results at the time. In the meantime, I had decided to bite the bullet, swallow my disgust and vote for…gag…Trump.

Then, all of a sudden, election night… and the unthinkable happened…Trump won.

People were flabbergasted and shocked

Then this guy’s reaction started going viral

And it made me wonder: could a Trump presidency be bad?

Well, it’s clearly been bad for some people from the moment that he was sworn in.

So, given things that have been said about him, even recently, take for example this recent Tweet by Randal Rouser (a Canadian, btw):

Which actually holds a man, who is living in open, unabashed rebellion against his creator, who is making a mockery of the sacred union of marriage, up as some kind of moral paragon.

Now, I would never offer up any political figure as some kind of virtuous example, far from it. However, given what people have said that Trump would do—for example, turn the US into something like the “Fourth Reich”—I’ve been somewhat surprised.

What put Trump on my political radar

Far from the “sky-is-falling” cries of doom and destruction, where jack-booted thugs would be roaming the streets, rounding up racial minorities, things are actually pretty good, for everyone.

So, why do people hate Trump?

Well, according to this post, there’s 20 reasons why. The question is, have any of those reasons any meaningful justification?

Let’s look at a few.

The very first reason that they hate him is because he wants to “Make America Great Again”. This was his campaign slogan in 2016, and according to the haters, that meant that, “…he want[ed] to return to an America that was racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic.” The question is, are we though, have we ever been? That’s not to say that there haven’t been racists running around, I mean, I’m from the South, but I don’t see burning crosses littered across the landscape. Is America somehow more sexist? Considering that the definition of what sexism is keeps changing, I can’t tell. How about xenophobic? If that’s true, then it started back before 2015 when Obama was president, because there’s been a steady decrease in issuing of visas since then.

Another reason is apparently because he was a reality TV star. We ask, “What sort of sad comment is it on this country that a reality-show star with ridiculous hair and an ego the size of the Empire State Building, a man who’s best known for firing people and losing money on casinos, is now the world’s most powerful man?

Well, our first president was a soldier and a slave owner, what does that say about us? Business, like politics, is a fickle thing, and the fact that the show was at the top of US network TV as far as audience numbers for 14 seasons, says something. This is simply ad hominem.

Apparently, he’s hated because, “He’s rude and mean.” The primary evidence for this is due to Trump’s penchant for mocking people, and the long since debunked claims that he mocked a disabled reporter.

One of the cardinal reasons people hate Trump is that, “He’s against open borders.” What’s interesting is that people who are often the most vocal proponents of and for open borders often live in secluded, gated communities.

Another reason that Trump is hated is that he, “appeals to rural voters.” Interestingly, the same people who claim that Trump advocates an us-vs-then mindset, see this as a problem, while promoting an us-vs-them-mindset. Weird.

It almost seems like the only reason that people hate Trump is because he doesn’t support the things that they do: a big-government nanny state.

I guess that’s why they hate Trump supporters too.

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