2019: Year in Review

It’s that time of year that I take the time to reflect on the previous year to see where I am, where I am going, and if I want to continue on this trajectory.

First, as always, thanks to the readers because it’s nice to know that this material isn’t simply languishing on the internets. I hope that you are getting something out of this material and that that this is doing someone some good.

As I’m writing this post, I’m looking at the stats for this year, and it’s been something of a boom: over 9,000 views, which is up considerably from last year, probably due to my appearance on the Dogma Debate podcast, which was another landmark event this year. Another landmark this year was one of my posts getting picked up by the aggregator The Poached Egg, which was exciting.

So, what were the top posts this year?

Top 5 All-time Posts:

1.Bible Myth Debunked: The Ten Commandments Were Lifted from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

2.Did Luke Mess Up?

3.Apparent Biblical Contradiction: Love Your Enemy, Hate Your Family?

4.Alleged Bible Contradiction: How Did Judas Kill Himself?

5.Trinitarianism or Unitarinism: A Paper

Top 5 Posts of 2019

1.Did Luke Mess Up?

2.Breaking the Hammer

3.Brief Thoughts on My Dogma Debate Experience

4.Alleged Bible Contradiction: How Did Judas Kill Himself

5.Does Christianity Encourage “Blind Faith”?

Big Series this Year

I completed the response to Stephen Maitzen with regard to moral grounding, as well as tackled a number of bad rebuttals to objections to“marriage equality”, not to mention an essay on defining religion, and just in time for Christmas: an essay on the incarnation.

As 2019 ends lets be grateful for it and focus on making 2020 the best.