As in Heaven, So on Earth: Cosmic Geography and the Gospel

Ever wonder why, in the Bible, so much emphasis is placed upon the land of Israel?

Ever wonder why Jesus went the places that he did in his ministry?

Well, the answer might surprise you because it’s based upon the concept of cosmic geography or cosmology.

As the Lexham Bible Dictionary article on the subject of cosmology suggests,

“The biblical authors generally demonstrate a common cognitive perception of the cosmos with their ancient neighbors. Thus, an understanding of the cosmologies of the cultures surrounding ancient Israel and Judaea provides insight into the biblical writers’ contexts.

This realization is important because ignorance of or ignoring it as an element can cause one to misunderstand and misinterpret what is going on in the text.

In the video below, from this presentation, Dr. Michael Heiser walks through a Q&A by Pastor Stovall Weems on the issue of cosmic geography and how important it is to understanding the biblical arguments.