What Does It Mean to Believe in God?

It’s not everyday that the question can be answered even close to coherently, but I think that this is as close as one can come to even attempting an answer to the question.

Jordan B. Peterson walks an audience through the question in this talk from a recent speaking tour in Australia.

From the video description, Peterson explains,

I have been asked many times by many people if I believe in God. I don’t like this question. I generally respond by stating that I act as if God exists, but that’s not sufficiently true. Who could do that? Who could conduct themselves with the moral exactitude and care necessary of someone who would dare to make that claim? Either claim? In any case, after being asked the question yet again, when I was in Australia, I decided to attempt to answer it in some detail.

The talk meanders somewhat, but Peterson really wrestles with the question from a psychoanalytical position.

As a bonus, Anglican pastor and Jordan Peterson fan Glen Scrivener performs an analysis of the talk drawing out and addressing the places where Peterson stumbles and where a biblical understanding of the question answers in a way that the psychologist seems afraid to go.

Both are worth investing the time in.

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