Does Atheism Poison Everything?

Taking an interesting twist on the title of the book by Christopher Hitchens, this debate featuring the late author and agnostic David Berlinski.

From the video description:

In front of a sold-out crowd of 1,200 in Birmingham, Alabama, Christopher Hitchens, famed atheist and author of “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” debates Dr. David Berlinski, Paris mathematician and author of “The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions.”

Larry Taunton and the Fixed Point Foundation


  1. unsurprisingly, David Berlinski claimed to be an agnostic, but worked with the Discovery Institute, a Christian creationist group. Berlinski’s argument is that somehow science is a “religion”, but he never shows how, other than he finds it offensive for some reason when people say that science can show evidence that gods don’t exist. He was nothing more than a self-described crank, being a contrarian for no more reason than it got him attention. He claimed that evolutionary theory wasn’t true, but had nothing to replace it and flirted with “intelligent design” aka creationism. Always good when a man says this ““I have never been particularly eager to know how it is that the universe was formed, or how a magnet works, or why, for that matter, water flows downhill. … There it is—a certain implacable lack of physical curiosity.”” to show how ignorant and lazy he is. You and he would get along well, TM, in that you have no evidence for your claims either. Of course, Berlinski doesn’t believe in a god like you do at all. It’s great to see Berlinski get theists to pay him for being their pet agnostic.

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