How “Social Justice” Destroys the Gospel

A few months ago, Sovereign Nations hosted a pre-conference conference on the issue of “social justice”. I’ve written a few posts about the matter here on the blog, such as here and here, both of which focus on the danger of so-called “intersectionality”. This conference brings much of the issue into focus. I have a playlist on my YouTube for the conference if you prefer to see it there, but I’m posting the videos here. Probably it would be a good idea to download them for future reference because it’s likely that they might be removed in the near future.

Introduction: Michael O’Fallon


Defining Social Justice: Dr. Voddie Baucham


Virtue Signaling: The New Evangelistic Strategy: Phil Johnson


An Exegetical and Historical Examination of the Woke Church Movement: Dr. James White


Brave New Religion: Intersectionality:Dr. Josh Buice


White Privilege: The New Original Sin: Dr. Tom Ascol


Social Justice And The Gospel: The Statement Framers Panel: Featuring Dr. Josh Buice, Dr. James White, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Tom Buck, Phil Johnson, Dr. Tom Ascol. Moderator: Michael O’Fallon.


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