Embracing Delusions: The Dangers of Inflicting False Beliefs 

I have been reluctant to write much on various societal matters, preferring to look at underlying philosophies and testing them for coherence. The few times that I have strayed into the furor over so-called LGBT issues, it has been to demonstrate the obvious use of double standards that are clear to someone who is not wrapped up in what is attempting to be a totalizing worldview aiming for totalitarianism. 

I know that I have a small audience and few platforms, and that my opinion doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. But what I produce, I hope, penetrates into the mind and helps people reason through positions with clarity. Whether it’s dealing with misrepresentation of law or the self-destructive nature of homosexuality, there is no satisfying those who have resigned themselves to what is ultimately vacuous. And the vacuousness of the position is not seen with greater clarity in anything other than the—for lack of a better term—push for transgenderism. 

Some time ago, I recommended an article written by independent philosopher Daniel Moody that articulated the disconnection from reality that is inherent in the underlying ideology of transgenderism. It’s an ideology that plays and preys upon those who, for one reason or another, aren’t socially accepted or have difficulty finding their place in society with the implication being asserted that if you don’t fit into a particular societal niche it’s because you are transgender.  No other option is given. 

Paul McHugh, one of the pioneers of so-called “sex-reassignment surgery” laments his work, pointing out the fact that most people who are so-called “transgender” often have an idealized image of the sex that they desire to be that they distort and focus on themselves. McHugh, staying in regard to Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner that,

[One] might guess Bruce Jenner falls into the group of men who come to their disordered assumption through being sexually aroused by the image of themselves as women. He could have been treated for this misaligned arousal with psychotherapy and medication. Instead, he found his way to surgeons who worked him over as he wished.

What about young people, children even? McHugh similarly grieves,

Most young boys and girls who come seeking sex-reassignment are utterly different from Jenner. They have no erotic interest driving their quest. Rather, they come with psychosocial issues—conflicts over the prospects, expectations, and roles that they sense are attached to their given sex—and presume that sex-reassignment will ease or resolve them.

A culture that has become focused on the quick fix, will often find themselves facing a whole other set of problems down the road. 

A recent article over at The Public Discourse relates the horror stories of parents who are watching their children being stripped away from them because of an ideological bent rather than a desire to care. As one parent writes,

At age sixteen, my daughter ran away and reported to the Department of Child Services that she felt unsafe living with me because I refused to refer to her using male pronouns or her chosen male name. Although the Department investigated and found she was well cared for, they forced me to meet with a trans-identified person to “educate” me on these issues. Soon after, without my knowledge, a pediatric endocrinologist taught my daughter—a minor—to inject herself with testosterone. My daughter then ran away to Oregon where state law allowed her—at the age of seventeen, without my knowledge or consent—to change her name and legal gender in court, and to undergo a double mastectomy and a radical hysterectomy.

My once beautiful daughter is now nineteen years old, homeless, bearded, in extreme poverty, sterilized, not receiving mental health services, extremely mentally ill, and planning a radial forearm phalloplasty (a surgical procedure that removes part of her arm to construct a fake penis).

This young woman suffered much trauma in her life and has multiple psychiatric diagnoses, among which is now gender dysphoria. 

Read more here

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