Exciting News in the Fight for Religious Liberty

Colorado Human Rights Commission Caught Again in Anti-Religious Bias

Last year I outlined the case of baker Jack Philips in his struggle against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission as they launched a second attack against him when he refused to bake a “coming out” cake for a transgender activist in a post responding to “The Friendly Atheist” Hemet Mehta’s demonstration of cognitive bias.

Well, CBN is reporting that the case against the beleaguered cake maker has been dropped. From the opening paragraph,

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is reporting that the transgender cake case against Christian baker Jack Phillips is being dropped.

See: Official declaration by the State of Colorado

What precipitated such a change of heart?

The story continues,

Members of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) who had come after Phillips have now been exposed by what ADF called “overwhelming evidence” of clear hostility toward religious freedom.

The previous case had been dismissed against Philips because of clear anti-religious bias in the original decision against the owner of Masterpiece Cakes.

More news on the Philips case.

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