Abortion and Clarity of Terms

I’m all for clarifying terms. Ambiguity is what often leads to misunderstanding and that leads to other problems. When it comes to to the abortion issue though, ambiguity is often employed to cover what is really going on. 


Let me be clear. I am staunchly opposed to the murder of children in the womb. I use the word “murder” because I believe that the vast majority of cases in which a woman seeks to terminate her pregnancy are for utterly selfish and self-serving reasons, and are the embodiment of injustice. The fact of the matter is that any actually justified reasons for terminating a pregnancy, such as the death of the fetus in utero, are so few that I believe that there should be absolutely no free-standing private or government funded “clinics” in which a woman can walk in an hire an assassin to murder her unborn child because it might inconvenience her. But just because there may be a few justifiable reasons doesn’t mean that all reasons are valid. prolife.jpg

One of the primary arguments used is the ambiguous “health of the mother” argument. Well, that argument is wet-toilet paper thin. Pregnancy puts stress on a woman’s body that can induce potentially life threatening situations such as gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension, which can lead to other complications if left untreated. Then there’s also the rare incidence of cancer during pregnancy. Given the rarity of these it should be easy to see why this particular element of the argument has legs. But let’s just keep this in mind: many of the conditions that could pop up and threaten the life of a mother are treatable if the expectant mother is seen regularly by her physician and takes care of herself in the meantime. 

I can speak with a measure of personal experience in this situation because when my wife was pregnant with our youngest child, she developed gestational hypertension suddenly. In fact, she spent 4 weeks in the hospital on complete bed rest hooked up to a number of monitors for both her and the baby. At the end of the month, about 8 weeks shy of the baby’s projected due date, we welcomed a premature, but otherwise healthy, baby boy into the world. The possibility of abortion was never even mentioned by the doctors. 

However, given the push for single-payer “universal healthcare”, it does raise a possibility that, like many other countries that do have it, abortion or even what could be qualified as infanticide by exposure or neglect could become the standard, low-cost alternative to long terms of special care of pregnant women and premature babies, as illustrated in this story from 2017. Or consider the fact that children with even the possibility of being born with Downs Syndrome are being selectively aborted. This is simply genocide. 

Frank Stevens testimony before the US Congress 


With radical leftists celebrating the legalization of abortion up to the date of delivery in New York and Virginia actually contemplating and advocating infanticide, how long will it be before live babies are regularly thrown in the trash like Ancient Rome. Where are we going to draw the line and start pushing back? Moreover, when will believers wake up and realize that God’s judgment is upon us?

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