2018: The Year in Review

Let me begin by thanking all of my long-time readers and welcoming new ones. Last year, I did a post reviewing the most viewed posts from here on the blog, and I want to be sure to continue that tradition that I began last year

So, what posts have garnered the most attention this year? The top five are:

  1. God, Behaving Badly? (I’ve got to give credit where credit is due because this one blew up thanks to J. Warner Wallace promoting it on his Twitter and Facebook page.)
  2. The Bible and Its Multitude of Contradictions (A post that highlights some of the reasons why people falsely believe that there are contradictions in the Bible.)
  3. Bart Ehrman: Caught in a Lie? (This post, from 2015, was a promotional piece for another blog)
  4. Bible Myth Debunked: The 10 Commandments Were Lifted from The Egyptian Book of the Dead (Also the most popular post of 2018, dealing with a common assertion that isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.)
  5. Is an egalitarian view of sin fallacious? (Another post from 2015 that deals with the fact that while all rebellion is sin, not all sins are equal.)

How about just 2018? The posts published in 2018 that got the most attention were:

  1. Bible Myth Debunked: The 10 Commandments Were Lifted from The Egyptian Book of the Dead (Ranking 4th on this year’s most viewed posts as well.)
  2. Common Bible Reading Errors (I subtitled this one “How to read the Bible like an atheist. :D) This post tied for second place with my review of Bart Ehrman’s defense of the historical Jesus.
  3. Dating the Gospels: A Presuppositional Problem (A general overview of what is presumed by those who would want to date the gospels as late as possible and the problems that arise in those presumptions.)
  4. The President, Code Words, Empty Progressive Christian Rhetoric, and the Truth (The title seems self-explanatory)
  5. Racism, Random Drug Tests, and an Absence of Clear Thinking (Using math to demonstrate that leftists don’t realize that there’s multiple ways to interpret statistics.)

So, what’s on tap for 2019?

Lord willing, we will finish the study of Deuteronomy, the series responding to Stephen Maitzen will conclude, and more good stuff to get you thinking, with regular, twice-weekly posts beginning January 7, 2019. 

Thanks. God bless. And Happy New Year. 

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