Do We Need God to Make Sense of Life?

An interesting debate between an atheist and a theist(?).

Susan Blackmore vs Jordan Peterson on Unbelievable?.

I guess I should explain the subtitle of this post. While Jordan Peterson, who has recently come to international attention with his campaign for free speech, defends religion and belief in God as having good psychological and moral utility, I wouldn’t exactly call him a “theist”. Dr. Peterson, a clinical psychologist, university professor, and best-selling author, has never–at least to my knowledge–expressly said what he means by “God” in discussion. So, that is why I use the term “theist” ever so cautiously in identifying him.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Peterson yet–I just discovered him last year thanks to an atheist that I was in conversation with–I would have to think that you have been completely isolated somewhere. If you haven’t seen his 17-part lecture series on the psychological significance of Genesis, it’s well worth watching just for the perspective–though theologically weak if not potentially heretical if one follows the underlying theology to its logical conclusions. Well…maybe “heretical” is a strong word; perhaps less-than-orthodox would be a better term.

Anyway, the debate with Susan Blackmore, lecturer, author, and pronounced skeptic, is interesting to watch and recommended here simply because two academics–an avowed atheist and a theist-though-not-Christian–have an interesting conversation on belief. Both are trained psychologists and come at the issue from very different perspectives.

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