Special Announcement

Dear Readers,

First, I need to thank all of my readers and all who have subscribed in the past few months. This blog began as a place where I could just throw out thoughts about the various matters passing through my mind but, I see that it has become much more than that: it has become a very popular place–judging by search engine hits–for various matters related to the Christian faith and its defense in the marketplace of ideas.

It is my hope to continue to provide biblically consistent thoughts and express a positive response to various apologetic matters. However, that brings us to the reason behind this brief post.

It was recently discovered that my father has developed a metastatic cancer. I humbly ask that you would remember him in your prayers as well as me. Due to this, my posts may become infrequent or irregular. I will continue to post at least one post per week, and hopefully two.

Please pray for me as I deal with this issue. Pray that I will have wisdom, strength, and continued health as I endeavor to assist my father. I ask this because I am an only child. My parents divorced almost 20 years ago and neither of them have been in great health. My mother suffered a severe stroke almost 25 years ago and has been dealing with its complications ever since. My father’s cancer diagnosis has now complicated already complicated matters even more. My wife and children help where they can, but this burden falls largely on my shoulders.

Pray for my wife. She is a bad diabetic that has a number of complications as well. Pray for her continued health and well-being as she comes alongside me in dealing with this.

Pray for my father. Pray for health and healing. Pray that the doctors who are treating him will have wisdom as they treat his cancer. Above all, pray for God’s will in this matter to be done. I find it interesting that just a few weeks ago I posted about Pastor Douglas Wilson’s own experience in a similar matter, and I find comfort in that.

Stay tuned. Be patient. Be praying.

Thanks and God bless,


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