Courage Under Fire

Special Tuesday Post

I want to get this out because of the necessity and power behind this testimony. Atheists often charge that a good and loving God would never let his people suffer. Never mind the incoherence of the atheist worldview in that presupposes randomness and meaninglessness, so “love” and “suffering” are equivocal. But how should a Christian deal with such difficulties as disaster or disease?If you don’t know who Pastor Douglas Wilson is, allow me to introduce you. From his Wikipedia page,

Douglas Wilson (born 18 June 1953) is a conservative Reformed and evangelical theologian, pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, faculty member at New Saint Andrews College, and prolific author and speaker. Wilson is well known for his controversial work Southern Slavery, As It Was, which he coauthored with League of the South co-founder Steve Wilkins. He is also featured in the documentary film Collision documenting his debates with anti-theist Christopher Hitchens on their promotional tour for the book Is Christianity Good for the World?.

I don’t always agree with Pastor Wilson, but he is a very thoughtful, articulate, and snarky, writer and speaker. If you’ve never seen him in action, here’s one of his debates with Christopher Hitchens:

Pastor Wilson has recently had to break some news on his blog: he has cancer.

He writes in regard to his diagnosis,

There are different layers to this matter of obedience. Because God has granted us the gift of liberty (by regenerating us), we have been given the freedom to obey as sons. And so if our hearts are not transformed in the new birth, we will not become obedient sons—but will remain in our capacity of obedient tools.

He further states,

All these same realities apply to inanimate objects that cannot ever become sons—every last one of them is a tool. And this means that whenever cancer is given, it is functioning as an obedient tool, executing the purposes of God. And when God picks up a tool to wield it, that tool never slips in His hand. He never drops His tools.

Please, go read the rest of his blog post, it is worth reading. And pray for Pastor Wilson and his family as they go through this.

Also, here’s a video of Pastor Wilson’s son, N.D. Wilson, an author and speaker, who was also diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago, and his testimony in regard to his experience,

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