Quantum Physics and Divine Providence

Naturalistic materialists have long wanted to remove the presence of a divine, guiding  hand from the realm of human experience and use it as leverage against even the possible effect of an overarching providence. Nature is their god, but their god is impotent and ignorant and has no forethought.

But as I was cruising the blog Uncommon Descent, I came across this post previewing a paper by Bruce L. Gordon in the Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies.

From the Abstract:

Modern science has revealed a world far more exotic and wonder- provoking than our wildest imaginings could have anticipated. It is the purpose of this essay to introduce the reader to the empirical discoveries and scientic concepts that limn our understanding of how reality is structured and interconnected—from the incomprehensibly large to the inconceivably small—and to draw out the metaphysical implications of this picture. What is unveiled is a universe in which Mind plays an indispensable role: from the uncanny life-giving precision inscribed in its initial conditions, mathematical regularities, and natural constants in the distant past, to its material insubstantiality and absolute dependence on transcendent causation for causal closure and phenomenological coherence in the present, the reality we inhabit is one in which divine action is before all things, in all things, and constitutes the very basis on which all things hold together (Colossians 1:17).

The paper is, at this writing, available for download, so be sure to grab a copy. At first glance, I haven’t had an opportunity to read the paper in full, but just a scan of the first several sections Gordon seems to have a grasp of the subject that bridges the gap between the scientist and the person on the street.

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