Triggermanblog, the Year in Review

First, let me say a word of thanks to all of my followers both those who have joined in the past year and for those who have been with me since the beginning. You have made the blog explode this year.

I have been getting a lot of Facebook and search engine hits, I have to assume that this comes from shares and traffic, so thanks for considering the message that I am trying to convey here worth sharing and thanks for that traffic that makes the site noticeable. Thanks so much.

Perhaps you’re wondering, what posts have attracted the most attention this year?

Well, out of 107 posts this year (including this retrospective) I’ve boiled out a top 10 list of the most viewed posts, from least to most.

  1. The Problem of Evil and Good
  2. God, Behaving Badly?
  3. God Does (Not) Exist
  4. Does the Bible Condone Rape?
  5. Eliminating Secular Sex-Ed DECREASES Teen Pregnancy?!
  6. Establishing a Foundation for Knowledge
  7. Why I Think Paedobaptism is Unscriptural
  8. How Much Evidence Does It Take to Believe?
  9. What Is Meant When We Say the Bible Is “Inspired”
  10. Dear Closet Atheist

Series that have been run this year:

Hard Questions or Bad Arguments?

Basic Christian Theology

Video series on my Youtube channel on the Bible.

Again, thanks so much.

Keep coming back. Keep sharing. Keep thinking.

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