How Well Do You Know Your Church History?

Probably one of the areas that most modern believers are ignorant of, and one of the areas where we need to be the most mindful of is church history.

Often, many of the challenges brought to us come in the form of claims in regard to some past action or beliefs that the church has done or taught. It’s terribly tempting to be dismissive of the past, but so much of what has happened in the past affects us today and believers have a responsibility to be mindful of the past so that we don’t make the same mistakes.

To that end I am happy to share what looks to be the first half of a very detailed and conscientious look at Church history being taught by Dr. James White in the Sunday school class of his home church.

The series is, so far, over 40 45-minute lectures on the complex and interconnected layers of history.

Take time to download and listen to the series that can also be found on iTunes through the podcast page.

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