Who Is My Enemy?

Ben Shapiro, writing at Townhall in regards to the unifying response to Hurricane Harvey, makes an interesting observation:

[There] are certain enemies we hold in common. We hold death in common; we’ll help all but our worst enemies escape the grave. We hold natural disasters in common as an enemy; we’ll react to them by helping out our neighbors. And we hold civilizational threats in common; we’ll fight together against the Nazi scourge or the Soviet threat.

He then asks this question:

[What] about when there is no civilizational threat? What about when we’re so powerful that serious threats seem unserious? 

To which, he replies:

But there is a credible existential threat to Americans. The problem is that it’s internal.

America was built on the foundation of free speech, liberty in personal action, and freedom from violence and governmental tyranny. Those principles are now under attack by groups like antifa, far-left-leaning militants, which maintains that there is an existential threat that justifies wartime measures: the presence of the American system itself. Antifa members believe America is steeped in racism, bigotry, economic injustice and police barbarity. And they believe that this gives them the right to carve away at the foundations that hold us together.

Whether it’s New York City fining people for using the wrong pronouns or California wanting to jail people for the same “crime” (FOX News’ Tucker Carlson interviewing the bill’s sponsor), it seems like America has come to a crossroads where we have to ask ourselves some serious questions and try to regain a meaningful grip on reality. 

I could probably provide a dozen links to sources that are dealing with the violence that can be tracked well back, violence that seems to only come from one side of the political spectrum: leftist political ideology. 

Certainly someone will go, “but the alt-right…” I have yet to see anything seriously “right-leaning” come from those who identify themselves as “alt-right”. From what I’ve seen they’re libertarian/left-leaning (the prefix of “alt” should be a tipoff). 

I’m not terribly invested in politics as much as I am in freedom. And as a freedom-loving American, I don’t care what–and I hate using this term–consenting adults do with one another, I just don’t want to be forced to condone or participate in it. 

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