Statues, Slavery, and the Truth

First, I was wrong, I managed to slip in another post, so PSYCH!

If you live in the United States and have been watching  the (gag) news, more than likely you’ve seen the hubub about removing the Confederate monuments, especially after what happened in Charlottesville and trying to make sense of it. To me it makes no sense, as I’ve written before about the Battle Flag, I think that argument can be applied here as well. The issue is never as clear-cut as we think it is.

Last week historian David Barton was on Louder with Crowder and in the interview made some very interesting observations that demonstrate the amount of sheer ignorance of some and deliberate obfuscation of others in regards to the issue, which can be seen in this clip from the show,


Now, where ever you find yourself in regards to this issue, you have to admit one thing: the issue is far from being black and white, and caution is required. Also, social commentator Chad Prather made an interesting observation about the issue that needs to be considered,

Think about it.

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