I began teaching a new study at church this week and am excited to be posting the recording to it.

Here’s a partial bibliography for material that will be presented over the next few weeks as the class progresses.

A Survey of Christian Epistemology, Vol. 2; VanTil, Cornelius

Scripture Alone: Exploring the Bible’s Accuracy, Authority, and Authenticity; James R. White

The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations?; James R. White

Can I Trust My Bible?; R.C. Sproul

The Chicago Statement on Inerrancy; International Council on Biblical Inerrancy

The Question of Canon: Challenging the Status Quo in the New Testament Debate; Michael J. Kruger

The Gospel and Scripture: How to Read the Bible; Mike Bullmore

These sources are available on Amazon or other book sellers, and some can even be found for free.