Let Me Be Blunt



In my previous post, I began looking at an argument about whether or not it is possible to determine whether or not there is such a thing as a “true religion” in response to a post by behavioral scientist and commentator Gad Saad over at Psychology Today.

In his post he set out a scenario where a Martian has come down and is trying to determine whether or not it is possible to determine whether such a thing exists. In the scenario, he has posed 32 (if my count is correct) questions that, to me are simply irrelevant.

Why are they irrelevant, Triggerman?

I’m so glad that you asked. The reason that I can call them irrelevant is because if God exists and has indeed made revelation, then whatever God has said is final, and because he is God and we are not, and he gets to decide what pleases or displeases him. My appeal is to what has been revealed and the consistent exegesis and application of what has been revealed as the judge of what is or is not “true religion”.

If God has said “do not drink alcohol” or eat shrimp, or eat pork, or masturbate, or whatever, that is the final authority. The real question that Gad is really asking is not, “which religion is true“, rather the question that he is asking, to the Christian, is the age old question, “hath God truly said“?

If we take Genesis seriously, we know how the answer turned out when it was a negative.

Well, Triggerman…you’re simply being dismissive of these questions.

Yes, I am being dismissive, and am being dismissive because they’re not the right question.

What is the right question then?

Great question. The right question is, does God exist? The very next question then, should be, what does this God want?

Ultimately, there are not 9,999 religions, there are two kinds of religion, two species of religion. There is a religion that is true and a religion that is false. I will never argue that, as a Southern Baptist, I have the true religion; rather, I would argue that my religion is true because my point of reference is not my denomination but the truth made known in the revelation of God made known fully and finally in Jesus Christ, now given to us in Scripture.

The 9,999-number is simply a myth, a smokescreen that has to be blown away by the wind of truth. All of those questions are only meaningful once you drill down and get to the real question.

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