Homosexuality and the genetic fallacy 

I was recently having a conversation with a person who, most likely, would describe himself as a “homosexual ally”, which is a term that is most unfortunate and deceptive, in that I would consider myself an ally to those who find themselves trapped in that lifestyle and want to see them repent and come close to Christ their savior. 
In the conversation the issue of genetic research came up and the assertion that because it has been discovered that homosexual men seem to possess a genetic defect on a particular chromosome that, somehow that removes any moral question from homosexuality, in general. The problem is that it doesn’t. 
Just think about it. Let’s say that a scientist wanted to find out why some people commit murder and, in the course of his research, discovers that every person who has murdered someone, or has tried, have a common genetic defect. Would we suddenly throw open the gates of the prisons and let everyone convicted of murder out? Would the laws against murder be repealed?
Now, most certainly people would say that there’s nothing at all similar between the behavior of a homosexual and a murderer, and that’s true, but if a person is going to argue that because of a genetic defect in one particular segment of the population that laws that once criminalized that behavior are no longer valid then, to be logically consistent, they must be committed to the overturning of laws against murder. 
But, let’s extend this analogy a little further, if pedophiles were discovered to have a genetic defect that caused their sexual attraction and even their behavior towards children, would we, as a society, overturn child welfare laws and allow a man with a sexual attraction to 9 month old boys to have a daycare?
But, let’s say that it was discovered that there was a genetic cause for racism, or sexism, or any number of social ills that make our society, according to some, oppressive, would they then become silent and, dare say, permissive? If one is to be consistent then, logically, they must because, clearly, the person cannot help themselves. 
At this point I think that it is only fair to address the, somewhat, deceptive nature of the title of this post by stating that it is intentional. The genetic fallacy, as properly understood, deals with a dismissive attitude. An example of this would be the assertion that one only believes something because they have been taught it by their parents, or that they are only a Muslim because they were raised in a Muslim country. Okay. So what? The origin of a belief is irrelevant to the claim that it makes. Specifically though, the argument that is put forward by the proponents of homosexual behavior, who appeal to genetics as a defeater are, in fact, committing a form of the fallacy known as biological determinism. They are saying that a genetic defect (of course that requires a basis to call something such) excuses any and all behaviors that extend outward from it. If that is the case then, logically, we need to start genetically testing all of the incarcerated murderers, rapists, and thieves, because they must have a genetic defect that is causing their behavior, and if so then society is doing them a tremendous injustice. Racists and sexists and even–gasp–homophobes must have a genetic defect that causes and therefore excuses their behavior. 
But, it’s about “love”. 
Gay men seem to “love” a lot, as this gay man admits. While a heterosexual man in the US, will have a lifetime average of 7 sexual partners (which is very high), 23% of gay men will have, at least, 50, and 15% will have over 100, according to this article many of which will be anonymous and random, which could have something to do with the explosion of serious STDs among gay men (up 83% according to the CDC in this fact sheet). In fact, it is the proclivity to be sexually indiscriminate that, most likely, led to an outbreak of meningitis that have killed at least 10, and infected dozens and spreads like wildfire in New York and Los Angeles
The truly loving thing to do would seem to be to discourage promiscuity and to encourage either celibacy or heterosexual monogamy. 

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