Is the Story of Jesus Ripped From Egyptian Mythology?

With the Christmas season approaching, the amount of nonsense in regards to the holiday  is bound to start creeping through the woodworks any day now, so here’s a booster from the guys over at Lutheran Satire.




  1. i get the point is disproving the comparative religious myths but do you think that Christ is born in december? a guy chuck missler thinks it was in the fall around september in 2BC. I hold to this view.

    • Dr. Michael Heiser, the scholar in residence at LOGOS Bible Software, argues for a mid-September birth, and his argument seems reasonable. The problem is that birthdays for people in the 1st century weren’t big deals. One of the earliest non-troversies in the early church was over the birth of Christ, with different areas taking dates from January to March. I think that it is more interesting to look at those arguments and the reasoning that they used than to worry about an arbitrary date that was essentially pulled out of a hat to try to unify everyone.

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