When a Blowhard Makes a Logical Point

If you haven’t heard, Donald Trump stepped in it.


In an interview with Chris Matthews, Trump, according to his critics, has called for the unthinkable: punish women who seek an abortion.

I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

Of course, those on the left who are pro-abortion were livid and those on the right who are, supposedly, pro-life were stammering trying to distance themselves from Trump’s perfectly logical statement. Of course, he seems to have backtracked to say that only those who provide should be punished.

But, for those of us who are pro-life, though I prefer the stronger anti-abortion, are we truly being consistent with our belief that abortion is truly the murder of an innocent child by not calling for the punishment of both the provider and the one seeking to unjustly end that life? The answer is, sadly, “No.” Both are guilty and both should be punished. Trump’s statements were not outrageous or unthinkable, they were being logically consistent with the position of making abortion on demand illegal.

Thank you, Donald, for showing some intellectual integrity, even though you had to be pushed to admit the logical conclusion.

Check out Apologia Radio’s “End Abortion Now” broadcast on April 8.
Link to promo video.


  1. Since when have women who get abortions NOT been punished??? There’s all kinds of punishment besides criminal penalties, like family & peer group disapproval, expulsion from some religious groups, and general dehumanization by politicians and pundits who believe as you do.

      • They aren’t the same thing. Social rejection, as punishment, is meaningless. Historically, there were criminal punishments for such acts, and I’m trying to figure out how it is that, as a culture, how we devalued life so that we don’t become incensed at such an injustice.

      • Actually, no, there were only criminal charges (sometimes) if a woman did it to herself without the assistance of others. The concentration of legal activity was almost entirely focused on those who performed abortions, not those seeking one.

        You can’t easily charge someone for being poor and desperate, and that’s what drives abortion – poverty and ignorance. I don’t mean ignorance that it’s a potential human life. People are still woefully ignorant of why women get pregnant, and how to prevent it. In most states, sex ed consists of three whole days, given to students in high school who are old enough that some are already having sex!

        I’m a senior, and grew up poor. I remember back alley abortions quite well, and knew young women who died from them. Eventually I came to work in health care as an imaging tech and medical assistant. I’ve worked in all kinds of hospitals and clinics. I’ll do whatever I can to not go back to those days.

        I don’t disagree that we devalue life, but we do that in so many other ways. We allow the sacrifice of young people in wars of corporate greed. We engage in industry that poisons our environment, and then deny we do it because fixing it is expensive. We push women to have children they may not want or can afford, then demand they work while others care for their kids, to get the meagre benefits keeping their families from homelessness. I could go on all day about the thousands of ways we devalue life.

      • I’ve stopped counting the number of patients who, when presented with their positive pregnancy test, declare things like, “We only did it once! He pulled out! I was on my period! We used a condom (only 70% effective, btw). Don’t assume that because YOU know, everyone else does. Lots of men and women never get “the talk”, and function instead on myths and what friends tell them. Remember, I’m in the trenches and see these folks every day at work.

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