When the Culture of Death Rears Its Head


Those who are the most ardently “pro-choice” (read pro-abortion) [just as a note, as I am writing this on my phone while waiting at a doctor’s office automatically corrected “pro-abortion” to “pro-choice”, conspiracy?] eventually expose their true colors, that they are, in fact, members of a culture of death, and they actively hate the weak. Such is the case for the National Abortion Rights League (NARAL) and Cosmopolitan magazine.

In this article, Dr. Michael Brown, radio host and theologian, discusses two events, a tweet by Cosmopolitan magazine and NARAL’s reaction to a Doritos Corn Chips ad that aired during  Super Bowl 50. Allow me to preview the article.

After mentioning the following deleted tweet by Cosmopolitan,


the article goes on, rather sarcastically,

Oh, the tragedy!

Texas women are having more babies.

More children are being spared the horrors of abortion—being sliced up, burned up and sucked into pieces in the womb—and are seeing the light of day.

More mothers and fathers are holding precious little human beings in their arms, crying with joy at the new life they have produced.

What could be more terrible?

Absolutely, what more perfect question could their be? But he continues,

But it gets worse and, if possible, even more absurd.

NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, took strong exception to a silly Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl. (Yes, the same Doritos that produced the rainbow-colored, gay-honoring Doritos last year.)

As summarized by Dave Urbanski on The Blaze, “The humorous clip showed a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound of her ‘beautiful baby’—while Dad munched on Doritos chips.

If you haven’t seen the uproarious ad, here it is. NARAL’s response to the ad was, well, not unexpected. Here’s a screenshot of it


Notice the accusation: Doritos is ” humanizing fetuses” as an “antichoice tactic”.

Well, what has been the tactic of those who, over the last 43 years since Roe v Wade, have been tireless in their promotion of abortion? Dehumanization. A tactic that has been successfully used to end the lives of at least 58 million unborn children in the US.

Read the article, and feel free to watch this recent debate on the issue.


  1. Actually, yes, they are defending the weak but for reasons they’re unaware of.

    Life is harmful. Life is forced upon us without consent, and there is no say to say ‘no’. Born with depression? illness? Cancer? Deformed? Born because of a rape with a mother who suffers trauma? Too bad! Go ‘head and live! And if you don’t like it we’ll force you to!

    I’d rather abort everyone than have people against their will. Dead people don’t suffer. The living do.

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