Questions of Worldview and the Attacks in Paris


Unless you have been on the dark side of the moon for the past 48 hours, you should have heard about the series of coordinated attacks in Paris, France, by ISIS-associated jihadis that killed dozens of people and has shocked the world into a measure of reality that radicalized Islamists are coming to kill them unless they submit to Islam.

First, led me quickly distance the sects of Islam that would possibly have reason to decry what has occurred, but haven’t, possibly out of fear, or possibly because they secretly desire the same thing but are not in a position to act accordingly. Islam, at its heart desires to make the world Muslim, and they will use any and all means necessary.

Second, these attacks have been called a “tragedy”. Why? On the basis of what worldview can these acts be called such? If one is a Darwinistic micro mutational evolutionist, how can one set of genes wiping out another be “wrong” in any meaningful sense if it aids in natural selection? Naturalistic/materialists, how can atoms be bumping into one another be “tragic”? If these people were consistent with their professed worldview they would simply shrug, go “Oh well,” and keep walking. The problem is that in their heart of hearts, in the place where emotion and intellect combine, they know they cannot be consistent with their worldview.

France is one of the most secular, atheistic nations in Europe, and they want blood. Why? It is this way because they know God exists, they know they are made in his image, that their lives have value, and that God has made revelation that because every human life is valuable because it bears his image, the wholesale slaughter of people cannot go unanswered.

While we can ache for the people in France who have suffered loss, there are greater issues that have to be addressed, questions that have to be asked, and the gospel of Christ that has to be shared.

Image credit: Bing (*360/Paris+Attack.jpg)

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