What’s the deal with gender?

As I continue to pursue my second degree I have found myself, not out of personal desire, out of sheer necessity taking a class that studies gender representation in media. I am finding that, as in most classes with a liberal/progressive bent (the professor is a self-affirmed feminist) there is a degree of disconnection from reality.

There is a constant assertion, without any supporting evidence, that the physical distinctions that distinguish the two halves of humanity, and display their inherent compatibility, simply do not matter. Of course, they say that until they have to make an argument based upon that standard.

I’ve commented here on the basis of the question of how “equality” should begin to be understood. But, more and more, it seems that people are left stupified by arguments that are simply fallacious, and with the incarceration of Kim Davis in Kentucky for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples (I don’t find her arguments necessarily compelling, but I sympathize).

As I discussed in my review of the Obergfell decision, the question is based, first, on a number of fallacious arguments and, second, on a complete abuse of legal decisions. I have come to a conclusion, when it comes to the issue of marriage and questions of equality, Christians have to have more than a “the Bible says so” argument. We have to be knowledgeable about the arguments being used and be able to refute them both Scripturally, logically, and practically, but sometimes not in that order.

We also have to be able to demonstrate that words have meaning and ideas that are detached from reality, the reality that the dual revelation (that of nature and Scripture) gives, have to be rejected because of their incoherence and double standards.

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