Have you noticed how the reactions by LGBT supporters are like those of zombies?

My wife absolutely loves horror movies, not the good tense ones with good writing and plot twists, but the ones that they like to show on SyFy; you know, the ones, the cheesy, laughable, bad special effects ones. She has an affinity for zombie movies, and liked the show Z Nation. But, I’ve noticed an interesting parallel between how on-screen zombies, who have had their humanity stripped away and devour anything that moves, except for each other, but wander around aimlessly in a walking death, decaying moment by moment, are like those who seem to form a driving force behind the LGBT agenda.

Now, if there are any secularists and atheists who read of hear such a statement, they will immediately attempt to turn the charge back around and accuse me of being a brain-dead zombie myself, but I think that there is better evidence for my assertion than theirs. Let me explain.
I’ve noticed in several movies that the zombies tend to stagger around aimlessly, never paying attention to one another, bumping into one another without incidence of lashing out. Now, a person who is not “infected” by the zombie condition, which is often unexplained much like where the first zombie came from, can usually get by the zombies by being quiet, not making any ruckus, staying out of their sight, or even behaving like them. It is only when the person breaks rank or displays uncharacteristic behavior of a zombie that they attack. Now, not every presentation of zombies are like that, but I have found that in the majority of movies that is the presentation: go with the flow and live, buck the system and die, usually though being eaten alive or being “infected” through receiving a mortal wound or being bitten. There are variations on this theme, but this is the general consensus built around the presentation.
What is interesting is that when we look at the world today, especially in the light of how certain politically active groups have behaved in the light of certain people (bakers, florists, and photographers, namely) have insisted on exercising their rights to not associate themselves with same-sex weddings. The response by certain LGBT activists and their allies, people who claim to advocate for tolerance and inclusiveness, demonstrates an incredible amount of intolerance and exclusiveness through harassment, which includes death threats, vandalism, and even bringing law suits that seek to drive people to poverty, such as grandmother Baronelle Stutzman in Washington state, or the reaction to Religious Freedom Restoration Acts that were recently attacked in Indiana and Arkansas. (I have to say that at this point, I am working on a piece that examines the illogical foundations for certain assertions being made by those in the LGBT movement and how they are fundamentally refutable on a logical basis, apart from their scientific and psychological claims as well).
What needs to be noticed is how the hordes of unthinking, totalitarian zombies come running to the clamor that is raised when these people, come running and seeking to devour the substance of people who mean them no real harm or disrespect, but only do not wish to associate what they recognize as God-given talents and skills with something that mocks God and what he has provided for his creatures.


  1. “I am working on a piece that examines the illogical foundations for certain assertions made by those in the LGBT movement…”

    How come so many conservatives are obsessed with writing about how wrong my life is? I don’t write about (or try to legislate) your straight marriage, or wonder about your relationship with your wife or girlfriend. I don’t do it because it doesn’t affect my life, my relationships, etc. And my queer life doesn’t affect yours.

    • Because it affects my life, my relationships, and my freedom. Because it is logically fallacious in its thinking, because it is medically and psychologically dangerous, and because I have, as a believer in Christ, a responsibility to reiterate his message to point to those things which he has declared as sinful, demonstrate them as such, and call for repentance. Sorry, if it seems like I’m picking on you personally.

      • But an LGBT person living their life doesn’t affect your life, your relationships, or your freedom. And your Christ is not mine. It is an act of oppression to insist that I live by your values. There is supposed to be religious freedom in this country.

      • If, by that statement, you mean the average person who is engaged in a homosexual lifestyle (proper categories), who just wants to be left alone in their sin, then that statement is true. However, the militant, totalitarian, “you-will-not-only-recognize-my-lifestyle-but-call-it-good-and-proper” group, the ones that want to put grandmothers in the streets by taking not only their livelihood, but their homes and their reputations, it’s a false statement.
        Now, you make a valid point, there is supposed to be religious freedom, which involves the right to speak about issues with respect and concern, the right to associate with (or not). Now, I’m not insisting on anything. I’m not telling you how to live your life or demanding that you have the same values that I do, even though we do, but the question is can your religion, your worldview ground what you value consistently, or do you have to steal from my worldview to even begin to ground concepts like right and wrong, respect, human value, reason, and love?

      • Oh my goodness, grandmothers? Stolen worldviews? What are you even talking about?

        Never mind. I won’t answer again, but I just want to again impress on you that I am a human being, and I just want equal rights and protections under the law.

        Look, if you met me, you would see: I’m just a person. I’m a person. I’m a person. Do you realize that?

        Do you remember what it was like when you first fell in love? When you courted your wife or girlfriend? When you two, in the first flush of romance, went out for dinner or to a movie?

        Imagine if you had been kicked out because you were straight. Imagine how that would have soured that beautiful experience. Imagine how unsafe that would have felt. What’s next, you might wonder. Will I be kicked out of an emergency room? Will a surgeon refuse to operate? Will my children be kicked out of their classrooms? And all of a sudden, the beauty and romance of love — love, which is such a force for good, and so very hard to find, and so worth fighting for — would make you a second-class citizen, would endanger your rights, would make you feel hatred towards yourself.

        I am a person. I am a person. I am a person. We are not that different. We both want to be good, and kind, and happy, and connect with other people in the world, and that is it.

        And if you think that love, that right and wrong, that respect and human value are things I ‘stole’ from you…I don’t even know what to say. You (and your religion) don’t hold the patent on human kindness, on love, on decency or dignity. Obviously, since you so clearly want to deny me those things.

      • I never said that you weren’t a human being, that you weren’t a person. The fact that you have to keep making that assertion is an indication that you know that persisting in your sin you are, in fact, denying both of those facts, you are suppressing the knowledge of God and his purposes for your life. You say that you want to “be good” and “be happy”, but how can you do those things when you deny the good things that He has given you, has written on the very DNA of our being, something that cannot be changed but is expressed positively as that which is male and female, made for each other.
        Further, you act as though you did not have equal rights, that something was being denied you by law, when in truth it is your rebellious nature that denies you.

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