A Homosexual Walks Away From the Lifestyle Because of Logic, Reason, and Christ

I found a very interesting article on The Public Discourse by Doug Mainwaring that sheds an interesting light on the though process that goes on with a person who identifies with the LGBT lifestyle.

In his article, “Hearts, Parts, and Minds: The Truth Comes Out“, Mr. Mainwaring gives his reader some wonderful and enlightening insights into the reasoning of a person who, admittedly, entered into the homosexual community.
He opens,
“If the hearts fit, the parts fit.” These words were emblazoned on t-shirts during Washington, DC’s gay pride celebration several years ago.Back then I thought: “What a great message! It’s so simple, even out of touch conservative straights will finally be able to ‘get it.’” I was so taken with the slogan that I spread the shirt out on a table, snapped a picture, and sent it around to friends.
Feelings are what determine compatibility, that was essentially the message that he saw. It’s fallacious thinking, but persuasive, and he realized it. Noticed that he considered anyone that didn’t agree with him to be “out of touch”. Hmmm…but hang in there.
Since then, the gay world and I have gone in opposite directions. Now, my instant embrace of this slogan troubles me, because it was based purely on feeling and sophistry. It made great sense, and it seemed inspiring, as long as I didn’t stop to think about it.(link removed)
Reflection, it is a valuable commodity, and it paid off apparently. In a section of the essay titled “Right Reason Leads to Right Actions”, Mr. Mainwaring states, upon considering how his earlier actions had affected his family, causing him to abandon his wife and children,

Once I began thinking, reasoning, and examining my life, an extraordinary thing happened: I couldn’t stop. For instance, at first I was willing to own up to the fact that I had hurt our children through our divorce and concluded that I needed to repair that wrongdoing. But hadn’t a grave injustice also been inflicted on my wife? Against our families and friends who had always supported us?

Where and when should I draw the line with reason? With examining my conscience? With looking at the facts and making decisions based not simply on what I want or what I think is good for me, but based on absolute truths? My thoughts needed to result in actions. Eventually, I chose to live a chaste life. In view of the facts, in view of the constant testimony of nature all around me, it was the only reasonable thing to do.

I find his thinking fascinating, because it actually approaches a point that Jesus makes while addressing the question of divorce in Matthew 19:1-12, that if one does not believe that they can adhere to the ideal imposed by the Creator in his decree that one is better to live as if they are physically unable to engage in it at all. But he continues,

Reason led me to acknowledge natural law, which led me to begin rejecting some of my former ways of thinking and acting. Reason alone was enough to lead me to change the direction of my life. Then quite amazingly, natural law and reason working together led me to recognize and acknowledge God’s existence. And once I acknowledged God’s existence, again there was only one reasonable thing to do: I asked Jesus Christ to take the throne of my life, and I began to reject the emptiness of my self-centered ways. (my emphasis)

Natural law”? Huh, who could have guessed? But it’s this admission that is most enlightening,

 When I look back on my earlier life, I see the converse is also true. As I first stepped out of the closet in the 1990s, I made a conscious decision to ignore natural law.

Paul was right when he wrote in his epistle to the Romans,

For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things. (Romans 1:21-23, ESV)

Mainwaring’s self-reflection reveals what happens when one untethers from reality,

Once I made that choice, I could not stop. Untethered from natural law, I could not draw a line regarding my behavior, nor could I justify making any sort of judgment regarding the behaviors of others. Should I condemn lending my tacit approval to the prostitution of young men and women and reject viewing pornography? Why? Should gay couples invite a third man into their bed? Sure, why not? Should gay partners who declare themselves monogamous be okay with having casual sexual encounters with other men? Sure! Committed throuples? Why not? Public nudity, group sex, sex in public? Who was I to judge?

This is just a taste of a revealing essay on the issues where it ultimately it comes down to questions of logic and reason and the ultimate abandoning of it to pursue that which can be demonstrated as damaging, even destructive, not only physically, but sociologically and spiritually, something Mainwaring also discusses, so check it out.

Also, listen to this final hour of The Janet Mefford Show, guest hosted by Dr. James White, from March 11, 2015, for testimonies from two former homosexuals, as well as two other interesting interactions that are worth noting. Also, here, here, and here are some recent posts on this issue.

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