It seems that the more time that I spend engaging in apologetic endeavors, the more it becomes clear that the facts that Scripture clearly delineates about man and his rebellion against God are true: man has to actively work at suppressing the knowledge of God, exchanging the truth for a lie. This fact was made abundantly clear when Newsweek published Kurt Eichenwald’s Christmas assault, “The Bible: So Misunderstood That It’s a Sin“.

It’s been pointed out, by a few commenters, that I point out that many of the arguments that are used to seem to justify atheism are dependent upon straw-man arguments, which focus on either fringe elements of the Christian faith, misrepresenting them as either mainstream or orthodox, or tertiary issues that are subject to interpretation rather than the simple facts presented in the Bible. The fact that people will either misrepresent facts, or flat out make them up out of whole cloth, has been made no clearer than Kurt Eichenwald’s Newsweek piece that has been refuted by any number of scholars, by video here and here, by scholars such as Daniel Wallace, Michael Kruger, and Robert Gagnon, and most recently by Dr. Michael Brown, that Newsweek published, but only online. The reticence with which Newsweek limits the response should be a clear demonstration that Newsweek has made up the minds of its paper subscribers and has no desire to confuse them with the facts, most of which could have been discovered by Eichenwald if he had simply done a Google search while writing his original piece, thus saving him the embarrassment of being reproved by scholars.

Eichenwald, with whom I had a brief exchange with over Twitter, claims to be a believer of sorts has clearly not only rejected truth (which according to 1 John is a sign of the unregenerate) but completely replaced it with a lie and refuses to accept correction, accusing those who have pointed out his repeated errors as being “arrogant“. The last time that I checked the definition of the word, “arrogant” meant “insolently proud“, and insolence was a sign of contempt. Mr. Eichenwald thinks that he has the truth, but the facts of the matter say something completely different.