“God is imaginary”? Really?! Part 38: Notice the divorce rate among Christians

In proof 38, titled, “Notice the divorce rate among Christians”, Marshall Brain attempts to prove that “God is imaginary”.

I’ll be honest, this one’s argument is difficult to pin down, but it seems to be built around this paragraph here:
Given all of this, and given the fact that an all-powerful, prayer-answering God is supposedly looking over the lives of a Christian couple, guiding them in the spirit and so on, what would you expect the divorce rate for Christians to be? Clearly, the Christian divorce rate should be zero.
It would be nice if that were true, but Mr. Brain clearly does not realize something that lies at the heart of the Christian faith: the fact that both of the people in a marriage are sinners, and having a “Christian” marriage does not guarantee its success. People bring this stuff called “baggage” and “expectations” into their marriage and expect the other person to be able to deal with it when, so very often, they have not dealt with it themselves.
If everything worked like we wish it would, marriage would fix problems, but so often it creates more problems because of the fact that that both parties are sinners and they bring false expectations into the relationship, those marriages, even those of people who profess to be Christians, fall apart.
The only “proof” that comes from a divorce rate among those who profess to be Christians is how desperate our need for a redeemer is.
(image: http://money.cnn.com/2013/02/15/pf/valentine-divorce/index.html)

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