“God is imaginary”? Really? Part 19: Notice that you ignore Jesus

Proof number nineteen, on the website “God is imaginary“, “Notice that you ignore Jesus”.

Huh. Yep, something that any believer will fully admit to, just not in the sense that the writer means.

The message is clear. If you want to follow Jesus, you need to “sell your possessions and give to the poor.” It is a very simple message, and easy to do. Have you done it? The fact that you are reading this page would indicate that you have not. Chances are you own a computer, pay for an Internet connection every month, live in a home or apartment, have a car, etc. In other words, you live a life at a level of wealth unimaginable in Jesus’ time. Meanwhile, billions of people on the planet live in startling, abject poverty.

After quoting 10 passages of scripture that are totally divorced from their context, something that this writer excellent at, the above quote is the railing condemnation that is spewed forth.

Now, being actively involved in a national denomination that has dedicated arms for povert relief, I get to see how much money goes out through the various programs that we have initiated. It’s staggering considering how much money comes in and goes out, going directly to who needs it in medical, feeding, and housing projects. But there is a heartbreaking realization that comes with it, one that Scripture is clear about:

There will never cease to be some poor people in the land; […]
–Deuteronomy 15:11(NET)

No matter how much we do, how much money we give, there will always be poverty, always be those who are impoverished.

But let’s be clear, Jesus never told anyone who was a follower of his to “sell everything”, he did challenge people who had issues with selfishness and greed in order to expose their hypocrisy. The Christian understanding of the issue of wealth and property is that it is a gift from the very hand of God and is to be carefully administrated by His people as responsible stewards, especially when it involves those who are less fortunate and have endured terrible loss. We believers are to be guarded in our pursuit of wealth and prosperity, but there is no reason for Christians who live in a nation that offers incredible opportunities for comfort and technological advances to not take advantage of them. The ultimate cure for greed is generosity, that is the point of many of the passages that this “proof” quotes, thereby making it a straw man argument.

But, just for the sake of the argument, let’s say that everything that the writer implies about those passages is true. It absolutely does not follow that the claims of Jesus and the God that is revealed in the Bible is not true. If anything, it proves what it says: that man is indeed a rebel sinner who desperately needs to be saved.

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