“God is imaginary”? Really?

I found a very interesting website the other night, one worth commenting on, even rebutting, simply because it makes outrageous claims. In fact, the name of the website itself is rather outrageous. I think it’s an interesting website simply for reflecting on and testing one’s beliefs to make sure that one is believing correctly.

As a believer, I’m tasked by my beliefs to defend them. That defense requires a level of consistency that is based in truth, truth that exists in a Person, the Person of Jesus Christ. So, since I love a good challenge, I am willing to take on the issues raised by this website and demonstrate a contrary position based in logic and sound exegesis of Scripture, which is the backbone of a good apologetic.

The name of this website is God is imaginary. Shocking, right? There are “50 proofs” that “God is imaginary”. Now, many of these “proofs” tend to follow along the same subjects, so I will take time to deal with the subjects addressed rather than each “proof” individually.

But, before beginning such an endeavor, it is best to lay out my presuppositions, to get them out of the way so that there will be no misunderstandings in the way that I am going: I believe that God is real, He is personal, He has spoken, His words are contained in Scripture and reveal His plans and intentions for His people that He has called to Himself through faith in His Son, Christ Jesus who is the propitiatory sacrifice for those same people who come in repentance of sins and gratitude for what has been done on their behalf.

I find websites like this exciting, even though their conclusions are so clearly based, not on facts in evidence, but arguments toward a given conclusion. Fair-minded people, when given the evidence, can reach opposite conclusions to the ones presented by simply following the logic of the arguments, which can lead to the conclusion of who is living in reality and who is living in a fantasy.

I hope that you are of a mind to take this journey with me, and come to the conclusion that the given conclusion “God is imaginary” is false.


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