Venting frustrations

Another recent decision in one of the court cases involving the blasphemous idea known as “marriage equality” makes it abundantly clear that when it comes to those who desire to engage in homosexual behavior asserting their “rights”, all other rights must step aside. It really gives a thinking individual pause, causing them to wonder just where the line is to be drawn? As the push to not only accept as normal but to assert as prudent and beneficial, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, I find myself struggling. I’m not struggling with a temptation to cave under the pressure to accept it, to set aside my own convictions for convenience, but to resist the urge to go to arms. 

I am angry; angry because the selfish desires of people are being placed above the welfare of society, especially children. Short-sightedness is the view of the man of the flesh, the man who is condemned. it is the blindness that God afflicts on those that He has “given over” to their rebellion. The problem is that when He does that, His judgment is not far behind, and that is what has me truly nervous. 

Christ called his people to be “salt and light”, to be preservers and to illuminate the way. For the better part of the 20th century, the church in America has been silent, and in their silence and inactivity they let slip the reigns of control over the destiny of the culture. America, even 30 years ago, was nominally Christian. It seems funny that at that time, when God called me to Himself in Christ, as young as I was I could see problems in the church, there were issues that stood out as problems that if they were uncorrected i could see destroying the church. That is one reason why I changed denominations as a teenager. 

As the years have gone by, I have watched matters erupt in the church that are pointless and irrelevant because, like the culture at large, we have decided to focus on the creature rather that our Blessed Creator. We exult the freedom of man over the sovereignty of God. We desperately attempt to put God in a box, to put him at our whim and will rather than stand ready to hear from Him, to be ready to respond gratefully to our God and Savior. How long will this go on?

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