Just reflecting on the week ahead

In spite of everything that is going on in the world, I am slightly excited. My excitement comes from several months of hard work on a new study in Matthew’s gospel for my church. I have worked on studies before, usually book studies, but this one I will get to take my students on a tour of the gospels by using Matthew as our guide. “How is one to do this meaningfully and accurately?” one might ask, which is a thoughtful and relevant question, given that my class is made up of 7th-12th graders, who are not necessarily known to be the most insightful members within a church. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know, all that I can say for sure is that I am going to do my best.

I took this class, along with my beautiful wife, because no one else seemed inclined to take it. I’ll admit, it has been a challenge to bring them along, but I was resolved to take these kids to the next level in their faith. The first challenge was to deal with literature that was, well…let’s just say that it is very reflective of the culture: shallow and uninteresting. For a year, I took those lessons apart and rebuilt them from the ground up, expanding and expounding on the scriptures and taking the spiritual equivalent of creamed carrots and converting it into a seven course steak and lobster feast (okay, at least trying to raise it to “Happy Meal” status). Maybe I threw them in over their heads, but I promised them on the first day that I would not, under any circumstances, treat them like idiots, which for teenagers is a sign of respect.

But along with everything else, my life is about to get really crazy: I start classes tomorrow night, attempting to finish my degree, and round out my intellectual education, as well as teach one day a week, along with everything else. Looks like I’ll be watching “NCIS” on reruns this year, again.

Oh, one more thing, I forgot to answer my question about how my students will be doing their work in the study. Every student was given a study guide that contained questions relevant to each week’s readings, as well as being recommended to download the LOGOS Bible App from http://www.logos.com. This FREE app, available for iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android devices, contains several study bibles and commentaries that have various “live” features to assist them as they engage in studying for class. Also, for people who have the software for their PC or Mac there are additional resources that are available for download onto the device for offline use.

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