Check the Standard

Yet your people say, ‘The behavior of the Lord is not right’…
Ezek 33:17a

Probably one of the greatest complaints about God is that He isn’t “fair”. Reading the above scripture in its context in vs. 12-21 of Ezekiel 33, God is simply making it abundantly clear to the prophet what His standard is. A person is quick to consider his/her “goodness” when compared to a convicted thief or murderer, but let’s not mince words: God judges a man against himself. In the first two verses of Matthew 7, Jesus is quick to clarify the standard by which God judges ALL persons: the standards to which he has held others. God has no patience for a double standard, because he doesn’t have one. God has one, single standard: that of Christ. Self-righteousness only ends in condemnation. But Christ came to give us His righteousness, the righteousness which God, Himself, approved of.

When a person accuses God of not being fair, he/she is attempting to usurp God from His throne. That person is saying that he /she is the arbiter of good and evil as it relates to the decree of God as He works out His plans, that they are the final authority. God has already cast down one usurper, one who is more powerful than ten thousand men, and cast him down with a word.

To borrow a phrase, “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” God has a standard, and by His grace, through the sacrifice of His son, has made that standard available to all who are willing to humble themselves, repent of their sins, and accept that gift, which is given by the Holy Spirit.


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