The Lunacy of Wrongfully Criticizing Israel

Recently, the Presbyterian Church USA divested itself of holdings in corporations which operate in the nation of Israel as a protest for what it calls “Zionist” behavior among other controversial, anti-biblical decisions.

Criticism is continually leveled against the Israeli government for “human rights” violations. It is constantly criticized by the United Nations for its handling of the “Palestinian issue”.

I try to be fair, but I also try to be a realist as people continually rant and rail against a nation that is surrounded by enemies. Why are they enemies of Israel? Not because. Israel has made any threatening moves, but because they are Jews.

Let’s be clear: Israel was divested of its lands in 70AD by the Roman Empire because of their desire to be a free nation. Their center of government, the center of their religion was plowed into the ground as punishment for their rebellion against oppressive Roman rule, and, to add insult to injury, the Romans even renamed the district: changing it from Judea (the region of the Jews) to (wait for it) Pilistia, renaming it for Israel’s long dead enemies the Philistines, or its Anglicized form Palestine. Even though that occurred, there was a promise by their God that after a severe persecution they would receive their land back. Following their attempted eradication by the Nazi government of Germany, in 1948, the region of the Mediterranean, which had been unclaimed by any one nation for almost 2000 years was reinvested with the state of Israel in 1948. Ever since, Arab nations have been trying to eradicate the Jews, to “push them into the sea”. It is, now, the most stable, longest lasting democracy in the region. In a region that is, right now, in turmoil and civil war, the foolishness of criticizing Israel should be evident.

But, let’s be clear: as a democracy, Israel is a threat in a region that has primarily only been ruled by force and sectarianism through the majority religion of the Arabs who live in the area: Islam. In a region where absolutism through Sharia reigned unchecked, a free society is a threat. Israel is the dam that holds back the flood of jihad on the world, and if it falls, we all fall. Freedom-loving, God-fearing people should pledge their prayers and support to that nation and demand their governments do whatever is necessary to aid that nation.

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