Legalizing Anti-Intellectualism

Last week, law makers in the United Kingdom passed legislation that banned creationism from being taught as science in the classroom. This was applauded by secularists as a victory for their continuing push to remove any aspect of a religious worldview, but it was also a move toward the rapid establishment of anti-intellectualism

I’m not embarrassed by the fact that I am a creationist who embraces the interpretation of the research by scientists who also embrace it and interpret the results in that light. Why?

Well, let’s be clear: creationism is not science. It’s not, so on one hand I sort of applauded the move, but on the other I realize that banning creationism effectively mutes the voice of those whose research has launched intelligent design theory into the forefront. Creationism is the philosophy that allows scientific research to be interpreted in alignment with a supernatural worldview, it also gives the research the correct place to start in time. 

If Genesis 1:1 is correct, and startling amounts of cosmological and astrophysical research seem to support it, then everything that follows should be paid attention to. If we do not start in the correct place, then all of the conclusions will be wrong. 

Some might say this is just my biblical basis speaking, something I don’t believe. Rather, it is my bent toward logic. If one does not actually follow the stream to its source, then it is certain that all conclusions that follow will be false. I see conflict in the research, and in being intellectually honest, it is best to admit the conflicts, present all the evidence, and allow people to come to their own conclusions. In passing and enforcing the ban, lawmakers in the UK have essentially told their schools and their students, “You are too stupid to weigh the evidence and decide, so we must do it for you, even if we’re wrong.



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