So much can be said in verse

Life in the Mirror

I look at myself in the mirror,
Nothing do I see.
I look for love,
That I might feel.

I touch my lover,
And a grander sense will never be.
I hold my lover,
Hoping against hope this is real.

Maybe if I shout,
If I insist, maybe they will see.
But in truth,
In my heart, I know the rift will never seal.

I look in the mirror,
All I see is my self, and what I want.
I hide my doubts, ignore my fears, forcing my nature.

What I want,
Is forbidden, they taunt.
What I desire,
Is love, in full measure.

Why can’t I have love,
Why would God put something in me that in my mind is a haunt?
An itch that must be scratched,
A fire that consumes me, and gives me a different pleasure?

I look in the mirror,
And God I blame.
Something I cannot help,
And am made to bear guilt.

I never take time to consider,
Never attempt to tame.
Easier to chase my desire,
Simpler to live it to the hilt.

God made me this way,
I have no shame.
Yet, in that darkest place,
In my mind, life is in tilt.

I look in the mirror,
And reject what by nature is told.
I refuse to even consider,
To even consider what it is I feel.

Oh, I give it lip-service,
But I must live out and bold.
Even if it’s counterfeit,
I’ll take it and force it to be real.

I’ll insist, I’ll go to law,
For I want to have and hold.
Even though I know,
To have the rest, I’ll have to steal.

I look in the mirror,
Proud and free.
Never minding the chains,
Never considering the lily.
Rejecting what I truly am,
Looking for what will never be.

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