A Few Thoughts on This Memorial Day

Living within driving distance of the place where Memorial Day began is something of a humbling experience. It puts one in touch with history in a way that simply reading about in a book. To walk in the places, to stand where men laid down their lives for what they believed to be just and right gets into your bones and causes one to pause and really think about life.

Memorial Day, is where we recognize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the United States, they spilled their life-blood to safe-guard freedom from those who would dare to attempt to steal it. Though it arose from a time when freedom was being questioned, next to our own Independence Day, it is a most solemn day, a day when every American should pause and think about the price paid for our freedom in the loss of life.On this day, I think it is fair to think about what exactly these men and women have died for.

Did they die for my right to marry whoever, or whatever, I want? No, they died to ensure that I could have a place to securely raise a family in the way that God intended. They did not give up their life so that I could merely indulge my flesh, chase my desires, which often lead down blind alleys of pain and suffering.

Did they die so that I could persecute and punish those whom I disagree with? No, they died to make sure that our disagreements have a place to be aired-out, without fear. But look around, scan the websites and you find news stories of people who have lost their jobs, their business, the means to provide for their families. This is what people think they died for.

These are just two of the instances which should make every American pause. They should make us stop and think about whether we are honoring the sacrifice of those men and women, or spitting on it in disgust and dishonor. There’s a lot more that could be said, but not today.


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