Which religion is true? You have to look at the evidence.

Sometimes I really wish that I could stop watching these theist/atheist debates, but I find them incredibly interesting just to see what the positions are and where the arguments are. I was watching another Hitchens debate last night, this time against Frank Turek, and if you watch very many of his debates you begin to realize that all this guy does (did) is (was) conflate and complain.
He conflates by not making a distinction between religions within their own theology and for a man who was so intelligent and witty it boils down to intellectual laziness. But I did notice that one person in the audience in this particular debate asked a very astute question: how can one, given the number of religions in the world, assume that one religion is true?
When one hears that question, one is immediately stumped because it encompasses a requirement for so much information and seems to make the question somewhat impossible to answer, and would make any answer appear to be arrogant; but it would be just as arrogant to presume that all were false as well. As one person pointed out, the best lies contain elements of truth. So, how is it possible to even attempt to answer that question?
All religions essentially fall into three camps, and please feel free to look at some of my posts to see how religion is best defined: atheistic, pantheistic, theistic. Atheistic religions believe, very generally, that there is no divine or supernatural power, that all there is, is the material world, yet some of them admit to some manner of spiritual (or super mental) reality. Pantheistic religions believe that everything or some particular things are composed of divine elements and that humanity should do its best to reattach itself to this divine reality. Theistic religions see two distinct realities, a material world and a spiritual world, that are separate yet interactive. Okay, so now that we have given a very basic definition to these how do we attempt to see which one is correct. Most atheistic and pantheistic religions see the world/universe as eternal, but recent (over the past century or so) research in astronomy and cosmology seems to indicate that that the universe began to exist. Interestingly that coincides with certain particular, theistic religions. Now, that we have narrowed that down, we can cut away those religions which disagree with that current scientific model.
That still leaves us with three specific, different religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. So how do we differentiate and determine which one of those may be true. Well that requires more than what I want to put into this post, but that requires digging into the understandings of the world presented in their Scriptures and which one comports to reality.
Personally, I believe that Christian theism, specifically, comports more to reality in its understanding of the nature of man and how that relates to experience, in relation to the claims that it makes.
Does this fully answer the question? Most likely not, but it can put the thoughtful and interested person on the track to examining the evidence that they present. But I will make this note, just as something that I have noticed: any religion that promotes itself by giving a as long as you do these (x-number) of steps, your eternity is secure, is suspect, because it begs the question. Christianity presents a relationship with a person, the person of Jesus Christ, who made specific claims regarding himself and did things which defied explanation, the greatest of which was his rising from the dead, something that is historically testable and easily falsified. The problem is that it could not be, which definitely makes it worth considering.

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