Went to sleep in reality and woke up in the Twilight Zone

I suddenly realized that I had not posted anything this week, and I would hate to leave those who follow my blog in a lurch without at least something to think about. And wouldn’t you know that two news stories crossed my path this morning that are worth considering.

In the first, a British street preacher received a court award for his “wrong arrest” after two homosexual teens asked him a question about what the Bible say about homosexuality and because they didn’t like the answer they had him arrested for some bogus charge of “offending them”. Now, when you think about this, their question involved one of two options: either they’d get an answer they liked, affirming their lifestyle, or they would get an answer they didn’t, condemning (in form and substance) their lifestyle. There were only two options, which is really all there is in life, there may be varying degrees along those tracks but they end up in one of two locations: agreement or disagreement, obedience or disobedience, right or wrong, life or death. The fact that they did not get the answer they were looking for should have told them something: more than likely if you ask a question you might not get the answer you want.

In other news, The Australia Supreme Court ruled that records keepers in that country now have to create a third gender category: neutral. Pardon me while my head explodes (off camera: KA-BLOOEY!). They have done this in response to a lawsuit brought by an ex-man, a term I use to describe a person who has gone through sex-reassignment surgery and has decided to no longer be identified as “female” or “male”. Now what confuses me about this is that, among other things, is that government has decided to ignore biology, that we are either male or female genetically, and decided to allow us (Australians particularly) to pick and choose how we will identify ourselves (or themselves). I know, here in the good ole US of A, the courts have had a long history of determining what is, or is not science, but when did men acquire the wisdom to thing they could overrule nature, which often comes back to bite us in the ass when we turn our backs on it?

I think Rod Serling would be proud, we are definitely in the Twilight Zone.


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