Whatever happened to “live and let live”?

“Live and let live”, it’s the catch-phrase of the so-called “tolerant” bunch. But, what is it’s not the case? Several instances around the U.S. have made us realize that this is not necessarily the case.

If we take that phrase at face value, it ought to mean that “I am content to let you live your life without undo interference or inconvenience, and you return to me the same consideration. ” The “new tolerance”, as evidenced in recent instances with Elane Photography and Melissa’s Sweet Cakes, have given pointed proof that “live and let live” is far from the case. In both of these instances, as well as others that have cropped up, the problem wasn’t that these business owners refused to do business with people entangled in the homosexual lifestyle, in a number of the cases the majority of customers and even employees did so, it was when these business owners refused to extend their services to endorse their pseudo-marriages or commitment ceremonies, but not arrogantly or publicly, even going the extra-mile to recommend other businesses who would happily provide the requested service. The offended party, rather than taking the sensible, reasonable route, and taking their business elsewhere, this abiding with the previously mentioned policy of tolerance they supposedly adhere to, decided to harass, intimidate, threaten, and even sue to get their way. “Live and let live” became “You live the way I tell you.”

I don’t want to say that all people who participate in the homosexual lifestyle are like that, I don’t want to think that, because I know of a few who just want to live their lives in peace and rather than force an uncomfortable issue, and foster resentment, just don’t push the issue, “living and let living”. I don’t agree with their lifestyle choice, I’ve made my case to them, because I feel that in establishing a firm case dealing with respecting them as persons and my concern for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, it airs out any potential problems, and it automatically deals with that 800lb gorilla, it makes our relationship more free to deal with other issues, often it does, but there are those few who want to insist that they are right and will attempt to force the issue, yelling and screaming and flaunting. Where I’m from, we call those bullies because they have no respect for themselves or others.

“Live and let live”, whatever happened to it. Apparently it only applies if you are an apathetic jerk. But being a believer in Christ, I care too much about other people to just let them destroy themselves. In fact if you really want to know who loves you or hate you, when you’re playing with matches, see who throws gasoline or a wet blanket on you, that’ll let you know real quick.

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